If you are planning to go to Britain, the place you have never visited. Some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions await you throughout the UK. You can walk or plan everything on your own. If you do not often, it is best to leave the planning and travel agencies and tour. Not only do they offer amazing packages to travel in the UK, but they will also help you with various tours.Isle Isles of Scilly, is an ideal beach village, where you can relax all day. This island is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here you can experience with your family and enjoy boating through five islands Isle.If to participate tours to the Scilly Island, you can take a look at the online tours. They are easy day trips to find different travel site. As long as you pick up the leaves spent the most time to relax, and see that you are a fan of Chaucer’s natural beauty.If Canterbury then visit a place in the United Kingdom. The Chaucer inspiration from castles and ruins in the region, most of his work is based on the manuscript. You can see a lot of things in the Canterbury. There is something for everyone. Access to internal

and external. You can go shopping or to visit historical sites. You can even charge a magnificent day the park rich history.Canterbury his bike. If you like sports, you can participate in guided bicycle tours the entire family.Whitstable and Herne Bay so much to offer tourists. You can spend a whole day on the back Bay.Do no boat tour Westgate Grove attended the amazing activities and stimulate water sports. They are beautiful gardens,

landscapes and cities on the boat. You come to the UK, you can even use these tours.Stratford Stratford, WarwickshireIf, do not forget to visit the birthplace of the father of English. Because of the historical significance of the area, you will find it impossible to enjoy the peak hours, such as increasing the number of tourists, a little boost. The place you want to visit a little break, you should avoid the traffic during peak hours. You can also loved drama than Shakespeare Company production of some of the best theater here.There the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, and visit other attractions, from the old era of the British monarch. Brighton is one of the three kings, and each of them have left their own mark on the city. They are also very like the Bohemian aura city.Salisbury starting point for Stonehenge (Stonehenge). This is the only reason, may you come to Salisbury. You will not find many attractions in the city, but Stonehenge is such an experience, you should not miss the nightlife. Newcastle elsewhere in the UK may not be as glamorous, but it is still worth a visit, and lively evening. You can visit in October Comedy Festival.York worth a visit because of its history can be seen. Experience the lifestyle of the Vikings still have their presence in museums and galleries. York Dungeon is the best university in the world, is a famous tourist attraction, in area.Cambridge. Can you talk about your day, and through much of the city. Do not forget your travel visit of the King’s College in Cambridge.