Spain is a popular holiday destination, a great tourism hub, attracting visitors from around the world. Picturesque scenery of one of the largest tourist destination in Spain, but it has endless beaches and the sandy beaches of the southern sun throughout the year Spain is an ideal honeymoon destination, the most exciting city attractions and the golden sun provide more than the attractions are couples.Its the not only the coast, but inland, is not only a world-famous tourist attractions, such as the Alhambra in Granada, Seville Cathedral and monastery of Montserrat, but each kinds of beautiful scenery. Spain is a place where we can see the beautiful buildings and monuments. Attract tourists from the beaches and shops of everywhere.There many beautiful cities in Spain. You are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Malaga, Barcelona Valencia.Barcelona is considered the second largest city in Spain. It is located on the Mediterranean coast. There are many in the city’s mountain. As the hills and mountains of the Pyrenees in Catalonia is a popular place for tourists. He was considered to be a Roman city, and follow the tradition of the Catalan. The Pera Liceu Theatre, concert halls, such as Palau de laMúsica and Sonar music festival put music and art the Community Barcelona.This city to provide a diversity of music. Catalan art and contemporary art, issued by the Catalan Art Museum in the country famous Spanish art. 7 beaches in Barcelona. “Barcelona is one of the most famous beaches in Barcelona. All of the sports facilities, the beach. Therefore, the waterfront promenade golf course also do the same coast city. Barcelona is a city and world heritage sites and traditional architecture. It is a city, the mountains on the beautiful beaches and adventure fun and hills.Madrid – Madrid tourists frequented attractions to visit Spain to include pricing. Madrid is the capital of Spain. Therefore, it is Spain’s culture,

heritage, youth. Madrid attractions include architectural monuments of the Industrial Zone of various things. However, the arts and culture is the soul of this fascinating city. It provides a variety of works of art and works of art museums. 11 to 18 called century painting collection issued Nacinal the Prado Museum and the Prado Museum in Madrid’s best museums. If you are looking for contemporary art, the Reina Sofia National Art Museum is a better option.It show the works of contemporary artists Catalan Savador Dali and Miro. Picasso (Picasso), this museum is an important work. The palace is part of the attractions of Madrid. This is a palace built in the 18th century. This architecture is very good, even if it is a conservative estimate. Golf, surfing, horseback riding, hot air ballooning and hiking. Many options are available for sports fans. Golf is the most popular sport in the city, many golf clubs in Madrid.

Green grass and beautiful gardens in the city. Fish are specialties Madrid. Iberian ham, sausage, different dishes, shrimp, tripe Madrid style cuisine is professional Madrid. Normal well built like a work of art, and there are two famous fountain in Madrid. Fuente de Neptuno. It is located in Madrid’s Paseo del Arte Hotel is the center of culture, tradition, mixed different cuisine, sports and more than more.Sevilla Seville is known as the industrial city of Spain. Although modern. In its appearance and structure, it still retains its old charm, the number of tourists to visit this place, especially fascinated by the city’s rich cultural and festive and romantic atmosphere. His city provides an opportunity to almost enjoy every day of the year. Seville, many festivals are celebrated in this city.Territorios or country section of these festivals one. It is celebrated, dressed in beautiful traditional clothing, traditional music, flamenco. He is a pedestrian the Sierpes street and Tetuan famous city. Typical souvenirs, arts and crafts, guitar, flamenco dresses and embroidered dresses are sold here. Triana ceramic art popular in the city. Sevilla offers a variety of activities to do in the city. It has a rich cultural connotations. It celebrates many festivals. The young people have many opportunities to enjoy during the day and at night the city.