Destinations around the world are constantly looking for new destinations. A wide range of options, spread all over the world, the goal is clear, the only way to find beauty in the scene, they find a detailed itinerary, one of themSingapore is a city full of vigor and vitality, East and West, traditional and modern. It is the financial center of the world and is famous for its world-class shopping, modern architecture and excellent cuisine. Lion City has a wealth of experience from a variety of ethnic festivals nightlife for every visitor. Singapore has. The city has manyother attractions, such as the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and the famous tropical theme park, Sentosa Iceland this town a fantastic tourism infrastructure and convenient transportation makes it an ideal holiday destination and perfect pass to other Southeast Asian destinations.Thailand is a beautiful and mysterious land, attracted manyvisitors to the island resort and the heart of the city. Back more culture, cuisine and hospitality of local tourists. Gulf of Thailand, located 150 kilometers south of Bangkok, Pattaya. Resort Pattaya is known as “Thai seaside andSoutheast Asia’s best beach holiday destinations, annually attracts more than one million visitors from around the world each year. Position along the 4 km beach, the famous high-standard hotel in Pattaya, shopping malls,seafood restaurants, a variety of international cuisine,

water sports and its nightlife. In the southern part of the bay is a very interesting night, many bars, nightclubs, shopping malls, and local food vendors stalls. “Pearl of the South”, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island (48 km long and 21 km wide) in the Andaman Sea (Andaman Sea) off the coast in the southwest of the country, and the bridge is connected with the mainland. Phuket town is located in the southeast of the island, in the north and the popular resort town on the West Coast International Airport. As one of Asia’s leading beach resort, Phuket still retain their culture, China and Portugal. Island offers visitors a warm tropical climate, beautiful white sand beaches, warm, clear water, virgin forest, shopping in the upscale shops and traditional markets, many bars and restaurants, fantastic nightlife and friendly locals. Las Las Vegas the United States is the world’s

largest urban population in Nevada to the state of more than 500,000 people. The city has in their rights with many amazing hotels and casinos along the famous Las Vegas Strip or the Gaza Strip, “is located in a single target. Many hotels have created a magical atmosphere, evoke the name and theme, romantic, mysterious and far-flung destinations. The world’s entertainment capital, but also with some of the entertainment and music stars, magicians and the Cirque du Soleil productions.Paris French made the biggest names in the Seine River in the northern part of the country. It is recognized as the most beautiful and romantic cities in all. Paris is a very influential culture, art, fashion, food and design, and is considered to be the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The center of Paris formally in 20 districts (arrondissements), numbered 1-20 clockwise spiral central city is divided. Each county has its own characteristics and tourist attractions. Dubai is a great place to visit, a city of contrasts, where East meets West, old and new. Dubai is located in the coastal zone, adjacent to the majestic desert of the Arabian Gulf and calm blue waters, year-round sunshine and a unique Arabian experience the fantastic scenery, world-class shopping, luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants. Dubai has grown from a small fishing village to a modern vibrant city, celebrity holidays and Dubai skyline in the game worl biggest, brightest, biggest. In the 1990s, Dubai has launched an ambitious plan to become a world-class tourist destination, the support of a huge hotel building programs and Emirates Airlines launched.

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